Scientific Stalking: Twee-Q Analysis (FSEM: Beyond the Selfie – Week 4 Initial Post)

The site Twee-Q analyzes the the ratio of an account’s re-tweets from female to male accounts.


This is a strange website. It doesn’t only make this analysis, but gives you an option to tweet it! This analysis seems harmless at face value, but could be potentially embarrassing information. It insinuates that the bearer of the account has a gender bias in who they re-tweet. This could cause jealousy or other sorts of “political” situations.

The existence of these online tools are kind of concerning. They don’t seem to serve a functional purpose, and gather arguably personal data about a person/their account. This leads to the question: are public spaces also public property?

This Twee-Q analysis also shows that programs can pull information directly from the web. Any sort of developer, or person with access to these tools, could perform large instances of data acquisition on people’s accounts or a certain person’s account. People could use a tool to sift through profiles and return those that are easy targets for identity theft or other such things. This is a hazard and people should be aware of programs like these that can accrue and interpret personal information.

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