NodeXL-ent (FSEM: Beyond the Selfie – Week 10 Final Post)

For my final comparison, I searched hurricane Katrina and hurricane Patricia. Surprisingly, hurricane Katrina actually had plenty of tweets using the key phrase, though I discovered this was because people were making comparisons of it to hurricane Patricia which explains its high amount of hits. Patricia had more than Katrina, due to its recency and scale, but I’m sure some of these same tweets included a mention of hurricane Katrina as well as Patricia. It seems that people who tweeted about these hurricanes were mostly the ones affected by it – telling about their family or their experience with dealing with the hurricanes which could lead one to conclude people who weren’t affected by it don’t give it as much attention.

Ads Everywhere (FSEM: Beyond the Selfie – Week 10 Initial Post)

My Twitter Ads:

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Twitter seemed to throw ads about games mostly toward me, but they weren’t in any genre I was interested in. They gave me an ad on shoes, and I like style, but this seemed unspecific to me due to the fact I only received one of this ad. Other ads were oddballs: one for entrepreneurship, one to raise the minimum wage, and one to work in DC.

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Dead Space (FSEM: Beyond the Selfie – Week 9 Initial Post)

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Every day we add to the space that’s left behind when we die. Memories, thoughts, likes, relationships – our identity – floating in space. Though these pieces of us are like stars in a great expanse, this space I refer to, full of fragments of peoples’ lives, is cyberspace.

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JuxtaposeJS Test


Mydentity (FSEM: Beyond the Selfie – Week 7 Initial Post)

It’s understood that most people present themselves differently to different people. People selectively present portions of their identity to others based on their roles in their life – I’m no exception to this.  For example, when meeting a new person, possible employer, or teacher, I wouldn’t exactly throw out the crude side of my humor at them, when, with my roommate, friends, or girlfriend, some crude humor is appreciated. Society has developed a social norm that you have to be politically correct when engaging with people you don’t know well for obvious reasons. It’s just weird when someone is overly open about their identity and quirks when just meeting them. Perhaps these people don’t understand social cues, or maybe they’re just very comfortable in who they are, but, in short, its socially improper to treat your superiors, or strangers, like buddies.

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